SoBo is a unique restaurant that combines elevated comfort food with a strong taste of community stewardship. “I wanted to start a restaurant concept that partners with the local community directly by giving back to worthy causes every single day,” said Social Box Neighborhood Eatery Founder and Partner Aaron Lopo.

SoBo will donate a portion of their monthly revenue to non-profits that are focused on kids, veterans, hunger and other causes that affect their surrounding Chandler neighbors. Additionally, SoBo will host quarterly events that benefit specific non-profits and engage the nearby neighborhood.

SoBo doesn’t stop at community giving—their menu offerings also put a spin on traditional eats.

“Our menu extends far past traditional eatery fare. We’re combining high quality ingredients with fun presentations at an incredible value,” said Lopo.

Signature menu items include wood-fire pizzas, eggrolls that cascade from a Chinese takeout box, a two-foot cotton candy tower that will stand 4 feet off of the tables, seafood guacamole, S’mores on the patio in their open fire pits, Nacho Mama’s Nachos with jalapeno munster cheese and more.

These incredible edibles will be reasonably priced and served in an atmosphere that is lively, dynamic, kid-friendly and unique to Chandler.

“SoBo is a unique restaurant. Our mission is to give back to the community and the experience will be unforgettable,” said Lopo.